The first mission of the BLDH Foundation is to take the pressure off the police officers of Cobb County by working with the Cobb County Police Department Community Affairs Unit.

One night while watching LivePD I noticed a pattern with the police officers across the country, they were buying meals, toiletries, gas, many other things from the money in their pockets. This money is not reimbursed, it's all from their kindness in wanting to help those in true need. Think about that....almost every night they are paying out of their pocket.

After our meeting with the CCPD Community Affairs Unit, there was such excitement because this has NEVER been attempted....to help the police officer help the community. These officers are right in the thick of things and KNOW who needs help versus those that are working the system. These officers are able to display the heroes they are and serve the community, not just protect.

The needs will be met by providing small denomination gift cards (fast food, drug store, gas, etc) to be given to the officers for them to use as opposed to their money. A fund to assist the Community Affairs events when they fall short of a need. To assist during the holidays to sponsor the neediest families in Cobb County. There will be an Amazon Wishlist to help families with immediate needs (hygiene kits, baby needs: diapers, formula, etc, senior care, etc).

There is a lot of needs but it takes so little to help, to change a life. Visit our hone page to links to donate.