Why you are needed...

"There was a woman with three children in the McDonalds cutting the hamburger into thirds so they could have dinner. I bought them all Happy Meals and a room for a couple of nights until she could reach some family members to help her."

"Every night when I would end my shift, I would go to RaceTrac and get hot chocolates for the homeless men camping behind the bus stop at Cumberland Mall."

"Christmas time the department would sponsor families that were deemed the most needy from the poorest schools in Cobb. That money came from one man in the department, $3000....not a fund set up by the county, but one employee of Cobb PD. The dinner for those famlies was provided by the police officers....not a fund set aside for these things."

"During a pretty rough domestic call the officers found the babies (multiple babies) had no diapers and no formula. They went to the store and bought what those babies needed for the week and contacted groups to try to help this teenage mother of four."

"An elderly man, with no A/C and no phone, was found unconcious by a neighbor. He had passed out from the heat. The officer that did the welfare check bought fans, a disposible phone and contacted a pal that serviced A/C unit for free."

What do we need right now to start to help:

Small denomination gift cards from fast food restaurants, gas cards, drug store, WalMart, Target.